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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Season 4 Finale

After two straight hours of OMG, WTF, WTH, and Huh???, I can honestly say that was the best Lost show EVAH!!!

So much happened and so many questions were answered... and yet they left us, once again, will HUGE questions for next season. Let me see if I can remember some of the things that caught my attention:

Warning!! Spoilers ahead

  • Sawyer and no shirt... umm... don't jeans get heavy in water, too? Whenever he found the time to strip off that shirt during his swim he could have removed the pants, too. Just sayin.
  • Sun was killin' me in the helicopter. Her anquish was insane.
  • but I don't think Jin is dead... he can't be
  • Sayid rocks. When he was kickin' Keamy's a$$ I was almost screaming outloud. One of my friends puts it so eloquently -- Sayid is the Iatollah of BadAssery!!!
  • One man can move an island. I guess he moved it to some desert somewhere because he had that same jacket on a couple of episodes ago.
  • Michael was finally released from his "cannot die" syndrome by Christian? Who IS that man?
  • The dream sequence with Claire -- who is the "he" that can't come back? We want to believe it is Aaron, but could it be Jack she is talking about?
  • Hurley playing chess with Mr. Ecko... do you think that is real? Could it be possible?
  • What was up with the tape suddenly rewinding? And was it playing through when Keamy walked in?
  • I cried when Des and Penny got together. Bet that boat was rockin' till sunrise!!! But why didn't he SHAVE?
  • How did Locke get off the island? Is it because of its new location or is it because he is now the leader of the Others? Does that leader get some sort of special priviledge?
  • Who else got off the island that Sun suggested? Was she talking about Des and Lapidus?
  • What happened to the people in the zodiac that was heading back to the tanker before it blew up?
  • Charlotte was born on the island? Is that what she was suggesting? If so, how did THAT happen?
  • Is Sun turing into a bad girl now? I mean she is wanting to team up with Widmore...
  • Who is the second person Sun blames for Jin's death? Jack thinks it is him, but could it be Kate, or Lapidus, or Des? They all made her stay on the helicopter
  • Did I mention Sawyer without his shirt on? And smiling with those dimples. GAH!
  • OK -- riddle me this batman... the O6 story is that they were stranded on an island for three months. Suddenly they are seen coming ashore on another island in a raft. I would think a big question would be if they had the raft for three months why didn't they use it before? Was it because of Kate "having the baby"? Where did that raft come from?
  • What did Sawyer whisper to Kate?
  • How did "Jeremy Bantham" die?!!
  • Loved who was in the casket, but why... and how...
  • Locked blames Jack for all the "bad things" that happened after they left the island. Wonder what all that means.
  • Rose was PI$$ED at ghost hunter dude for eating the peanuts. What was that all about?
  • And for the funny -- did anyone else catch the girl's thong? She was the second group getting into the raft... she bent over and there, above her khaki britches, was a purple thong "whale tale". I bet she is one embarrassed chick... unless it means something...

That's all I can do for now. So much happened in the final hour or so I thought my head would explode. That was AWESOME! I'm ready for next season to begin already... and when will that happen? Are they going to make us wait until Jan/Feb again? Booo!!!


Valerie said...

Sawyer. Wet. Topless. I can die a happy woman now.

And yes! Jeans do get heavy when wet, those should've come off too.


Some Guy said...

All valid questions.

It was excellent, even if I'm as confused as ever.

Canadian flake said...

I have said it before...that this show confuses me...probably because I have not seen it from the beginning. I think when it comes out on syndication I will watch it from the beginning and be able to say awwwww yesssss I get it

Craig said...

I have so much to say, but I'm very short on time, so just a couple things...

The raft: in the story they gave at the press conference during part 1 they mention that it washed up on shore on day one hundred and something and that it was from another wreck.

I got from the conversation that Hurley had with Walt that Locke was said to have killed himself, but had been murdered. (but that is my interpretation of Walt's speculation)

As soon as the CC on my TV said "people shouting in Portugese" when they approached the boat I started getting excited (because of the guys from the listening station in the season 2 finale) and hoping that it meant it was Penny.

I'm assuming that wherever (whenever?) the island went, it sent Ben forward in time (to 2005) and to Tunisia, where we saw him in The Shape of Things to Come. I think that was part of the consequences. The island went one place, and he went another, and now he can't get back.

"...unless it means something..." Awesome.

Christine said...

Hi, how are you and I have no freakin' idea on what the heck you're talking about.

I am a popculture loser.

Esther said...

I didn't get to watch until this morning, so i'm just reading this now. I SO knew that Jeremy was Locke, but I don't know why. So who becomes the leader of the Others? Richard?

I think Aaron is the one that can't go back to the island - maybe it's because he's special since he's one of the only ones born there (after that lovely revelation about Charlotte)

Rick said...

Where can I find a pic of the exposed thong???

Biddie said...

Sigh..Sawyer. Need I say more?
I LOVED the season finale, even though I am now completely confused!
I really don't want Jin to be dead. I know that in the flash forwards, they say that he is dead, but maybe, just maybe, he has been on the island the whole time?

Anonymous said...

The purple THONG - HAHAHAHA I saw that too - hilarious!!!!