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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Busy bee

We have a lot going on right now. We are trying to shove an entire summer's worth of activities into one month.

The kids just got back from a week in the mountains where they took a train ride, tubed down a river (three times!) and went horseback riding. I have pictures of the last two that I'll post... um... sometime.

Today I took a half day off work to take them to a Braves game! WOOT!

Then next weekend we are taking them down to Orlando for a quickie tour of Sea World, Universal and Islands of Adventure.

Once that is over -- two weeks later J-man has his surgery and he'll be off his feet for six weeks.

Sorry if you think I've abandonded you. I haven't. Just busy. I'll be back soon with more pictures and stories.


Biddie said...

I completely understand..You need to cram all of the summer fun into a month.
Six weeks of doing nothing is a lifetime to kids!
Have fun on your adventures!

Valerie said...

Have fun with all those activities!

CindyDianne said...

You are cramming it all in! Have a blast! And as soon as you have time, those Alaska pics are appreciated! Dang it!

Canadian flake said...

wow hard to believe it is almost time for the surgery. I remember you talking about the decision whether or not to have it...where does the time fly.

Hang in there.