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Thursday, April 03, 2008


funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I submitted this picture of Bug and Grimmy to I Has a Hotdog... think it'll make it on their site?

Hope so!!!

I'm a little worried though -- the caption at the bottom says it is from I Can Has Cheezburger which are cat pictures. I built it where they said to...

Don't care though. It's on MY blog and I think the picture is too funny. Doesn't it look like Bug is squeezing Grim's eyeballs out? LOL!!!!


Burfica said...

Oh my gosh did you see the "too much google gives you googly eyes" pug on that I haz a hotdog???

I love those two sites, thats where I get all my funny pictures from.

Biddie said...

Cute photo :) I'll have to check out the website. I'm all for cute kids/animals.

Beth said...

I can almost hear those eyeballs pop!

Lisa said...

Hehe! Too cute!

Sue said...

Great picture. I enjoyed your blog!

Bubs said...

That panicked expression on the dog's face is a hoot. Love it.

TwoPugs said...

LOL - adorable!

whatevergirl said...

I cannot get over how much she looks like you!!!!