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Friday, April 04, 2008

Check it out!

I got an award!!! Lisa likes me and thinks my blog is excellent. We'll see if she feels the same way after we have a blogger meet up in May!!! (I am soooo excited about that!!)

I'm trying really hard to get back in the swing of things. I'm working on answering the couple of questions you guys asked... fave dessert along with the recipe and more info about Alaska.

Plus I want to get those pictures up of our damage from the hail. The adjuster is coming tomorrow to tell us how much it is gonna cost to fix it. Everyone cross your fingers for us.

For now though, I think I'll go dust off a tiara and wear it proudly.

Oh yeah!!!!

There are some rules for this award. Guess I need to be a good little blogger and do as I'm told. Meh....

Here they are:
  1. Identify the originator of this award, and link so (s)he can get his well-deserved traffic. DONE
  2. Pass on at least 10 Excellent Blog Awards.
I love so many folks out there... picking 10 should be easy. All of these folks make me laugh, cry, blow coke out my nose (for you NON-southerners, that means Pop or soda. Down here it's ALL coke), and reflect on how good blogger-dom is. I love them all.
  1. Whatever Girl
  2. Chelene
  3. CP
  4. Jen
  5. Hoosier Girl
  6. Hal
  7. Martha
  8. Lori
  9. Dixie
  10. Special K


Lisa said...

WOOHOO!! Can't wait to meet up with you! :D I'm quite certain you'll be even that much MORE excellent in person.

Burfica said...


Anonymous said...

We have another "big" storm heading our way this weekend - from the West..hope you don't get additional damage

Marni said...

I heard about it - more hail. Great. I just want to be home before it hits.

Biddie said...

You totally deserve that award, and more.

Christine said...

Gosh I have homework to check all these out....sigh. Could you just put them up two at a time?

Martha said...

Your blog is excellent and I love it! I wish I had more time to read...I get so caught up with other stuff that I fall behind on posts.

Dixie said...

Thank you!!! I'm honored!

Hal said...

Wow. Thanks for the recognition. I agree that your blog is excellent too.

Jen said...

Thanks Marni!!!!


whatevergirl said...

Thanks! I am so thrilled because I think my blog stinks! It is just boring old me venting or laughing about something. You deserve yours!