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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Remember the hail storm we had about a week ago? Well... we were wrong. It seems we DO have damage to our house. Carl ventured into the backyard yesterday and saw holes in our siding.

Yes. Holes. And we have no less than six cracks in the siding as well. The drain pipe is also dented in at least a dozen spots.

There is one spot where if the hail had hit just an inch or two to the left it would have shattered J-man's bedroom window.

I'll take some pictures and let you see.

We might have to replace all the siding on the back of our house. A phone call has been placed to our insurance company. I just hope we can meet our deductible!

The joys of home ownership!


Asthmagirl said...

We had hail here this week too. I thought I was going to lose my windshield driving home. But no permanent damage. I'm sorry about your house. That must have been one heck of a storm!

Hoping things go well with the insurance company.

Lisa said...

Holy kraut! That must have been some BIG hail!? That really sucks!

Burfica said...

oh my gosh that so sucks. I hope your insurance is better than like ours up here. Ours says they "will not cover acts of god" meaning weather related anything. What asses.

Royce said...

Hi There! My name is Royce Barry and I am a specialist in dealing with homeowner insurance claims. I am currently finishing up a book (Claim Impact)on the subject which will be available in the next few weeks. Sorry to hear about your damage. However, worries about your deductible can be addressed. First of all, a call to your insurance company will result in inspection by an adjuster. The adjuster will come, evaluate the damage, give you a check (or mail one in a few days). But what most homeowners don't understand is this is just the beginning IF you know what you are doing. They will not give you all the money available to begin with, and they will advise you to get estimates which in effect cuts their costs. Have they scheduled a time to look at your property yet?

Burfica - Somethings wrong there too. Understand that Mortgage Companies would go nuts if Insurance Companies did not provide Catastrophic Coverage (Hail being the number 1 reason for Homeowner claims in the U.S.) I'll be glad to assist you as well. Find one piece of paper in regards to your insurance which is called a "Declarations" page. See what is says your coverages are and get back. Should anyone have questions they want addressed outside this blog, email to:

Marni said...

Royce: THANK YOU for your advice. No, we haven't heard from them yet... hopefully today.

Biddie said...

Isn't the internet awesome? Free GOOD advice! I love when that happens :)
I hope that everything works out for you. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

Bubs said...

That must have been some fierce hail storm! We've had some good ones here, or so I thought, and our cars have never even been dented.