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Friday, February 22, 2008

And this week on Lost

I saw the Aaron thing coming a mile away (plus it helps to read spoilers the day before the show airs - Lostpedia rocks my socks!!!)

  • Why did Locke have blood on his hands? He claims he was killing a chicken. Where did he get it? Frozen chicken doesn't BLEED.
  • The hand grenade in the mouth was brilliant but so cruel. My jaw hurts just thinking about it.
  • Loved Hurley's line "You Scooby-Doo'd me, didn't you?" He is so freakin' cute.
  • I don't see how Kate could turn Sawyer down... know what I mean?
  • Ben and Locke hhhaaaatttteee each other and I love the scenes when they are together.
  • So where is Claire? My theory is that somehow she didn't make it off the island... I do know (thanks to Lostpedia) that she and Jack find out they are bro/sis... could he not want to see Aaron because of that? Is it too painful to remember his sister when he gazes upon the cherub better known as Aaron? (sarcasm folks)
  • Eight survivors? Did he say that to throw people off or were there 8 that came back... could Sun and Jin be the other two but they are back in Korea and not the U.S.?
  • Sawyer looked FIIINE in that bed... why did Kate turn him down? (Oh, I asked that already didn't I?)
  • When Sawyer said "and this is my roommate" I could have sworn Kate called Hurley "Ernie" as in Bert and Ernie. Did anyone else hear this or was it just me?
  • $3.2 million dollars? What' s up with the .2? Why not go straight for the 4 M or more?
  • How does Miles know Ben has that kind of money? Who is this mysterious Ben they keep showing on this here TV show?

I'm sure I have overlooked a few things... feel free to comment and give me your thoughts. For now I'm just going to think about Sawyer. I wouldn't kick him out of bed unless he wanted to do it on the floor -- that is fo sho.


Canadian flake said...

This show TOTALLY confuses me...I guess because I didn't watch it from the beginning...

It hops back and forth and I think HUHHHH??? LOL

Craig said...

OK, it's my turn to be sick, so if I miss something, blame it on the drugs.

Jack said that 8 people survived the crash and then while describing Kate's heroics (just before she cut him off) he said something about the other 2 who didn't make it. So their story must involve 8 people living through the crash and 2 of them dying. Why they would need to make up a story about 2 people living through the crash but still dying, I don't know.

Aaron has been special from the beginning. Is he special like Walt or was he special to the Others only because he was a baby and they couldn't have any? I have a feeling that he has a big role in what's going on or what is coming. But who can really tell with Lost.

I'm not sure that they are counting Aaron in the O6. They have to explain his existence somehow (and obviously everyone thinks he is Kate's son, so they aren't saying that Claire had a baby) but I think he may be member 2a as he wouldn't have been a passenger, so only 6 passengers of Oceanic 815 made it back.

$3.2 million was very odd and I was glad that Ben asked the exact same question I was, "Why 3.2 and not 3.3 or 3.4?" Myles knows something, and I think Ben realized it.

Locke is going more cuckoo by the episode and is not far from turning into the new Ben.

Maybe there are live chickens in Other-town. There are cows on the island, so I guess it's reasonable. Or Locke was beating/torturing Ben, which is also reasonable to assume.

For now I'm just going to think about Sawyer. I wouldn't kick him out of bed unless he wanted to do it on the floor -- that is fo sho.

Does Carl read this blog? For that matter, doesn't your father read and comment. :)

Marni said...

Good comments, Craig and pretty much what I was thinking all along.

As for Carl and Dad... Carl knows how I feel about Sawyer and Dad... he won't mind. :) They are pretty cool guys.

Kim said...

Ditto on the Sawyer comment. Fo Sho!! He was smokin hot.


Valerie said...

I'd do Sawyer in a garbage dumpster! Proof that Kate is insane...turning Sawyer down. Damn Girl!

Trukindog/Scotty said...

Locke kills chckens instead of Ben because he knows he still needs answers from him, and he likes it.

The grenade was genius, Locke has his moments.

Hurley (knows) Scooby Doo, thats just one of the things that make Hurley so cool.

Jack and Claire brother & sister, WHAT THE? HOW THE? I cant wait to see how they explain that.

My very first thoughts about Kates son was Aaron and what could have happened to Clair.I was at a complete loss as to why Jack didn't want to see the child.

The 3.2 mil. is a big ? maybe Miles has a specific debt to pay or else. Or else what? Who knows it's LOST anything is possible.

Esther said...

Ok, apparently I'm the only person who was totally confused because I thought Kate said Eric, and not Aaron. This makes WAAAY more sense. Maybe I should look into dvr...

I'm confused as to why they decided to tell anyone that people were alive and then died (8 vs 6), but I guess we'll find out more later.

I want to know what the heck happened to the helicopter!

GrizzBabe said...

Woot for doing it on the floor!

Wonderer said...

Let me get this straight .... Lost's Sawyer, Harry Potter, American Idol & Tony Stewart? Are you me?

Wonder why it took me so long to find you?

Wonderer said...

My theory on the 8 vs. 6 thing is that the other two are not "Oceanic" they are Juliet & Desmond.

They are counting Aaron in the six because the week prior's preview stated that we'd learn ANOTHER Oceanic 6 character.

FYI: for those who tuned in late (get those rentals) or missed it - Claire's Mom did the nasty with Jack's dad resulting in Claire. Claire knows what he looks like, but not his name. This is why Jack's dad was in Aussieland before he died. A storm (one of a million) is brewing there.

I'm sorry to be a bit obsessed....

whatevergirl said...

WOW!!! This was definitely the best LOST of the season thus far. I hated the Sayid assassin episode Thursday before last!!
I remember that Jack and Claire were bro and sis, and I thought, WAY too many connections!!

Locke is just cool to me! I totally think he killed a real chicken because of the cow that was in "Otherland"

Hurley is even cooler!

And Sawyer, well, he fo sho is easy on the eyes.

I am totally blown away by the Aaron story and why Jack doesn't want to see him...I don't read the spoilers, but maybe I should.

And I am with esther--where is that helicopter?? Obviously it landed somewhere in "Ben territory".