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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New responsibility

I'm in class this week and am not getting home until around 7 or 7:30. It hasn't been an issue because Carl has been off, but tonight he heads back to work.

We decided to give J-man some responsibility and let him babysit his sister until I get home. It is only for an hour and a half to two hours, and their dad is just a phone call away. Still, it makes me nervous that my baby boy is babysitting my baby girl. He's 12 though and is old enough to handle it.

As he was heading off to bed last night I said, "Don't forget. You are watching your sister tomorrow night. You'll be the man of the house for a while."

He turns around and says, "Oh, Dad. Will mom cook dinner when she gets home? Or will you do it before you leave? Or maybe I should just order us some pizza."

Carl said (while trying to keep a straight face), "Don't worry about it, son. I'll take care of dinner."

Once J-man got upstairs I don't think Carl and I quit laughing for full five minutes.

He is taking this job SERIOUS.


Canadian flake said...

Well wtg to J-man...good for him that he is taking it seriously...

They grow so fast don't they? LOL

coffeypot said...

J-Man takes almost everything he does seriously. I am proud of him and his bravery. And Bug could not be in better hands. J-Man won't let anything happen to her. SHE's the one who needs watching. She's too independent to take orders from J-Man. I would love to be a fly on the wall tonight.

Valerie said...

I don't even want to imagine the day that I leave my kids home alone...good luck to J-man, but it doesn't sound like he needs it.

Burfica said...

is he really taking it serious or is he just trying to get pizza out of you??? My son would just be sucking it up for the pizza. hehehehe

whatevergirl said...

J-man does sound serious about it! I checked G out of school once to watch Mu at the dentist with me. My babysitter flaked out at the last minute and they were going to charge me if I didn't show up. So, I put them in the waiting room with new toys and gave her the responsibility of coming to get me if he climbed the walls, broke things, etc. She was such a mother hen. It was hilarious! He was good for her and the waiting room was intact when I returned.

ccw said...

He really thinks it all through. Kid L does watch NSBH and occassionally Nonami but I am always concerned whether or not the house will be blown to bits when we return.

GrizzBabe said...

What a good experience for J-Man. And I'm sure it makes him feel good that you and Carl trust him in that way.