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Friday, September 29, 2006

Put it between your fingers and pull

A really cute guy got on the elevator this morning and stood in front of me. He was dressed in a nice suit which is VERY unusual for my office -- he was either a new hire or a vendor.

No, it wasn't my fantasy man - darn it.


The elevator was crowded so we were all doing our best not to look at one another. I looked down at the floor but something caught my eye. It was a string hanging off the back of cute guy's coat. It looked like a tail. It was a good six to eight inches long, and on the very corner of the split in his coat. It was white (the jacket was a black/white checkered affair - but still tasteful) against the black of his pants.

I wanted to remove it.

I wanted to tug it but was afraid it was still attached to his coat and he would know.

Plus there was another man standing in between me and him. He would have seen me do it. AND if it was attached I would have been doubly embarrassed.

The elevator stopped on cute guy's floor and he stepped out. Tail wagging in the breeze.


haahnster said...

That's either a true story, or the opening scene of one of those really cheesy adult movies that tries to have a plot.

In either case, I'd always recommend you reach out and "give it a nice firm tug."

OK, now I'm going out of my way to sound dirty. Sorry.

ccw said...

I would have mentioned it and offered to pull his "tail" off.

I am also the person who will tell you if your tag is sticking out.

Marni said...

Haahnster: It is a true story... I came straight back to my desk and wrote the post.

CCW: I fix the tags on people's shirts all the time... but this was just too intimate. Plus I didn't want him to think I was staring at his butt!

Erin said...

Oh my, that must have been hard to resist. I would've done the same thing in that situation though. What a riot.

Beth said...

I'm with Haahnster. Your tug could have made his tastefully checkered day.

Coffeypot said...

I would like to tie tin cans to the string, like on the car after a wedding. Or I could grab it and pull. When he turns around, I would say that he was being so still and quiet I thought his engine died and I was just trying to crank it up for him.