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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Found on Google

It seems Dancing with the Stars is very popular which, in turn, is making my blog VERY busy. I have had so many blog hits from Google searches it has increased my traffic significantly.

I think it is funny what people are searching for, too. Here is an example of what people have placed in Google only to find Pugs Life...

Dancing with the Star Costumes
Tucker Carlson Drunk
Monique Coleman Lost Her Dress
Monique Costume Malfunction
Monique Drops Her Skirt
Monique Coleman Butt Shot
(seems Monique is VERY popular)
Sarah Evans Outfits
Willa Ford and Max Dating
Vivica Fox Dancing Cow
Vivica Fox Shoe Size

The last one cracks me up. I can imagine someone with a foot fetish looking ALL over the internet trying to see Vivica's feet or looking for her shoes so s/he can prance in them and pretend they are her.

I have had some hits on pugs or my radio station - Q100, but it is my Dancing commentary that is bringing in the folks.

Oh yeah -- I did have one for Crazy Animal Breading -- when did I ever talk about that? AND I hope they meant breeding...

Who da thunk?

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