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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy birthday, Dad

My dad was born 62 years ago today. He was the cutest little boy with his big ears and a sweet, goofy grin (you will see one of his school pictures on Little Miss Sunshine Pageant day). Dad was a skinny kid, too. All arms and legs… my son looks a lot like him.

We’ve been through our rough spots, but I never doubted one time how much he loves me. Whenever mom and I would move to new digs, Dad moved, too. He was never more than 10 minutes from me.

I always knew where to find him. One time there was some sort of emergency and I needed Dad’s help. I called the Waffle House down the street from his apartment. I asked to speak to the man sitting alone and reading a book – they handed the phone right to him.

He inspired my love for books and reading. He is never without a book in his hand. He even travels with one in the car… I am the same way. He will read at stoplights, restaurants, and the doctor’s office… me, too. We trade books every couple of months. There is a NEVER-ending supply of reading material between the two of us.

He is a wonderful Pawpaw and is adored by his grandkids. He and my step-mom have taken the kids for one night a weekend since J-man was 2 weeks old. How cool is that?! They have missed only a couple of dozen times in 11 years. Now that J-man is getting older, he doesn’t want to go over like he used to, and that breaks Dad’s heart. Just know, Dad, that he still loves you. He just doesn’t think you’re as cool as you used to be. (He's growing up. Damn don't you hate that?!) :)

I love my dad. He means the world to me. He has a wicked sense of humor and I always have an inbox full of dirty jokes from him. He has a soft side, too, especially when it comes to his wife, the kids, and me. He tries to be tough, but he doesn’t fool me one little bit.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Daddy. I promise the kids will call you tonight…I love you.


Beth said...

He was the wildest, most fun uncle you could want. I remember him daring us to eat raw biscuit dough at Grandmother's; of course we did it. And I got to see a different (and still quite fun) side of him when we worked at the bottling plant at the same time). My dad adored his little brother ... and was as big a bookworm as his brother.

Happy birthday, uncle!

Anonymous said...

Cherish the wonderful times you have, I have never been close to my dad. I was very close to my grandpa, as close as a parent/child could be. I lost him in March to cancer, that is the last time I saw my Dad or even spoke to him. Sad isn't it. Oh well life goes on. Wish him a big birthday from your ds fan club (Dr. Smith)


Coffeypot said...

Damn! Thanks! Being 62 is still a shocker. I don't feel a day over 60.
The call from the kiddies tonight was great. I love to hear their voices and I can't wait until Saturday. I feel a movie with them coming on. Maybe one of those animated kid-flicks. Or maybe one with rape, murder and mayhem. Depends on my mood.

Coffeypot said...

Oh, yeah! You made a mistake. I don't read at stoplights - I run them.

ccw said...

Happy Birthday!

Mother of Invention said...

Hope he has a Happy B-day! I am very close to my dad, as are my 2 older sisters. It is a special father-daughter bond for sure! He is 87 and we're so lucky to still have him. I did a tribute to him on Father's Day and he thought it was so neat to see himself and a story he wrote on a computer screen! He's never seen one!

C. said...

What a great Dad/Grandpa!! Happy birthday to him (a day late...)!!

Old Lady said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. That was a very nice card you gave him.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Very sweet post. Your kids will realize someday how lucky they were to have such great grandparents. Hope your Dad had a super birthday.