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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Ep. 3

The last two posts of DwtS have been pretty long. I've decided not to give you blow-by-blow tonight. I don't feel like sitting in front of my computer for an hour and a half typing long descriptions as they dance. I am going to watch the show, type in each person's name and then whether or not I liked their performance.

Hope that is OK with you!

Last week we lost Shanna Moekler.

Tonight the dancers chose between the Tango or the Jive.

Emmitt: Tango - liked it... even though it was boring - didn't see his personality at all.

Monique: Jive - LOVED it... she almost lost her skirt - it came down off her hips and we actually saw some of her butt...

Harry: Tango - not impressed. At all.

Willa: Jive - liked it. They are the hottest looking couple by far. Probably bottom two again this week.

Jerry: Tango - The judges liked it - I thought it was just ok. Jerry as James Bond... ummm... no. He looks like an old man dancing. Maybe it is because he IS! Once again, he will only stay in it because of who he is.

Sarah: Jive - Country comes to ballroom. I liked it; it made me laugh. Hard. I thought she was going to flop right out of her top -- another costume malfunction!

Mario: Tango - Loved it. Beautiful dancing - very hot. That definitely put them back on top. The judges, however, said they did soemthing wrong... I didn't catch it so I can't explain it. They would have had a perfect score but instead were scored low.

Vivica: Tango - Beautiful... she looked so pretty in her red dress. Wish she would quit wearing those butt-ugly wigs, though. I loved it.

Joey: Jive - He is going to win this thing if he keeps it up. I loved their performance! He is so energetic... They got on to him about the "lifts" and said he was pulling a Mario. (I guess that is what they got in trouble for) The judges didn't like it... I did!

Well, as you can tell, I couldn't just say "liked it" or "didn't like it"... I had to give you a little something more. I wound up sitting at my computer for the hour and a half anyway. Sorry... it is just so entertaining! You have to see it to understand.


Life, or Something Like It said...

Did everyone forget to comment? What I want to know is...Did Joey lick his lips like crazy again? I really should watch it at least once. Nothing wrong with watching Mario and Joey shaking their butts.....

Marni said...

He didn't do it as much, but it was still there.

I don't think anyone posted because no one is that interested -- and I don't blame 'em one little bit. This is my guilty pleasure that you guys just have to put up with for the next few weeks...

Lucky you!