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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learn a little respect

Dear Teenage Mom,

First of all your infant daughter is beautiful. And I am so grateful she is too young to witness the altercation you had with another mom last night.

You were at a band competition. The kids on that field work extremely hard to do what they do. They went to band camp in 90+ degree heat to learn music, their place on the field, and how to march. I hate to sound crass... but while you were busy "making" that baby, these kids were doing something to keep them OUT of your situation.


When these kids are playing on the field, the polite, mature, adult thing to do is shut your mouth. Don't sit there and carry on a loud conversation with the white-trash thugs sitting next to you. Do NOT laugh at a joke that is told. That sound travels to the field, so the kids down there think you are laughing at THEM. That negates a lot of their self esteem and makes them think they might be doing something wrong. NOT CUTE.

And when a mom from another band (it wasn't me) asks you, politely and in between performances, to please be quiet during the performance, do NOT jump down her throat and start yelling at her. That mother has paid a lot of money and time to be there to see these kids. You, on the other hand, have not.

Do not raise your voice to her. Do not mock her. Do not cuss her out. Do not tell her "Go away, bitch. BYE BYE" and start waving. Do not say it was someone else when we all know it was you and your crew. And even better, do not do all of these said actions with your child sitting on your lap!

I can only think you did not have parents that treated you with respect. You didn't have parents that supported you in your goals, dreams, or interests. Instead, you have to prove you are a "big girl" by having a child and trying to be all tough and sarcastic.

I just feel sorry for your daughter; I hope she doesn't grow up to be like you. That would be a shame. I hope she decides she wants to be in band and, someday, you will have to confront an obnoxious, irritating, self-centered, angry child. Maybe then you will, in your mind, apologize to my friend that you treated with such disrespect.

The proud mom of two wonderful, respectful, thoughtful, and polite children

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