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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Driving and Crying

My baby boy is driving.

His own car.

OMG - when did that happen?

It seems like yesterday he was cutting teeth, drooling, and trying to walk. Now he is driving to school, looking for a job, and growing into such a... a... MAN.


He also got his hair cut off. Until this weekend, he had bangs past his nose and collar. He likes to look like a hipster and thought it was the best way to prove his individuality (much to the dismay of his dad).

We kept telling him to cut his hair while on the job hunt. Food places, especially, would not hire him with hair hanging in his face. Of course, he wouldn't listen to his PARENTS. It was when one of his working friends told him their hiring manager wouldn't even talk to him with hair "like that" he decided to get it done.

I took him to a place on Saturday and told them we wanted the "Adam Levine"... and this is what we got! He looks SOOO much older and mature. He was so angry when it was getting shaved, but once the stylist spiked it, he loved it.

Where is my BABY? Times needs to stop!!!

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

Holy WOW! I know you rarely post, so we don't see him growing, but I think someone body snatched lil' J Man and left you...THAT. THAT MAN! THAT VERY HANDSOME MAN! WOW. giggle

I can't believe it! I remember when you and I met Marni. They were all in elementary school. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

All the boys in band have their hair long in the front like he did. I think it looks cute, but I can imagine they won't hire with it long like that. He is so cute with the new spiky cut. :) And driving? Wallene gets her learners in February and she is already eyeballing Oscar. Which is fine by me - kind of one of the reasons we got him. Now, if I can get her TWENTY YEAR OLD sister to go get HER learners it would be nice.

Do us all a favor and post more often. At least pics,please? Because next thing you know - they'll be off to college, marriage - GRANDBABIES. eeek

Stop the march of time. I want to get off.