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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Its my birfday

Not that I'm tooting my horn or anything... but I'm 45 today.

And I'm doing something totally crazy...

I'm getting my first tattoo!

I have always wanted one but have been too chicken. Also, I didn't know what I wanted it to be. It has to mean something to me... because, ya know, it is on my body.

Anyhoo... my pawpaw nicknamed me Mouse of the House when I was little and lord knows I loved that man. To this day, my family still calls me Mouse or Mousey. So that is my tattoo... I'm getting a mouse.

It happens at noon today.

I can't wait!


Beau's Mom said...

I'm here from your daddy's blog. I want to hear about your tattoo. Where it is and how bad it hurt. (the hurt part) scares me.

Marni said...


I'l post more details once it is done. I'm scared of the hurt part too... really scared!

Getting in on the inside of my right ankle so hopefully it won't be too bad.


SkippyMom said...

Good luck with that.

And since I already wished you a happy birthday on FB [and you chastised me for being early. jeesh]I won't repeat myself.

Have a great day!

Marni said...

You know i love ya, Skip!

Thanks for the good wishes. Hugs

comebacknikki said...

Yay! Happy birthday! A birthday tattoo sounds like a fabulous idea. :-)

jo(e) said...

Are we going to get a photo of the tattoo?