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Monday, February 13, 2012

TWD - Nebraska

I am so thrilled The Walking Dead is back on. Yes, this first episode was slow and we saw only dead walkers (well, except the ONE), but it needed to be done this way. We had to see how people react to the barn massacre. How they feel now that Sophia's fate is known. But I am ready to see more. More thoughts:

  • Daryl is killing me. We see him all alone carving sticks. Dude, you are killing walkers not vampires. I know, I know... they are homemade arrows for his badazz crossbow skillz. What is he going to do now? He's lost his brother, he doesn't have to look for Sophia any more... he is lost. He doesn't have anything to keep his mind from going off the deep end. He will be able to wallow in all the abuse he received from his childhood... hate that! I have a feeling he might go rogue. If he does... oh lawsy.

  • Dale needs to just stay away from Shane. Period. That is bad news right there. You can FEEL the hate pulsating off of Dale. Not that it isn't deserved. Shane is a jerk and aboutthisclose to going postal. I fear for Dale's saftey... and the rest of the camp that doesn't want to go with Shane.

  • Now about this fever that Hershel's daughter has... where did THAT come from? I don't think you run a fever from shock. I could be wrong... not a doctor.. but I also don't know what kind of shock you would get from seeing your walker mom get shot in the face and then reanimate only to grab your hair and try to eat you! Did she get scratched? Does she have the fever and not know it? Has she contracted the "virus" in some new way? Has it mutated?

  • *in a sing-song voice* Andrea likes Shane... Andrea likes Shane (end irritating voice)... ugh... and by that I mean he is the first warm body that has paid attention to her. I hope she wakes up before it gets ugly. (But she won't)

  • Lori, Lori, Lori... why did you need a map to drive one-freakin-mile into town? (Well, my neighborhood pool is less than that and we drive... but it IS uphill... don't judge) Did she tell anyone she was going? Will Glenn, Hershel, and Rick see the car on the way back? Is she walker food now? Did she lose the baby? Wouldn't that be convenient???? Besides Shane, she is the one character I truly do not like. It wouldn't hurt my feelings at.all. to have her killed. I would hate it for Rick and Carl (her son, not my hubby), but they would move on. I don't think she is dead tho... I think she is about to fight for her life.

  • Rick is GOOD with that gun! You knew the minute the Philly boys walked into that bar they were going to be t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Rick tried his best to talk them down, but bad is bad. You can't cure evil. I don't know what those boys had "been through" out there, but to try and kill innocent people for your gain isn't good. I have a feeling we are about to see alot more of that. We have been lucky so far in that our survivors have met "good" and "decent" folks. The further they get away from Atlanta and into the wilds of the world, things will change.

  • I love how quiet Glen was during that whole confrontation. He is such a kid... but he knows when to shut it. You can read the fear all over his face and he let Rick lead the charge. I really hope he can make it back to Maggie and they can love each other. I have a feeling that won't happen. The sneak peeks I have seen show her screaming at something... walkers maybe?

  • Herschel was such a cute drunk. I just hate how guilty he feels. He sees the error of his ways, but he still has to come to grips with how wrong he was. Bless him.

  • Scene of the day? Andrea picking up the arm that fell off the walker and throwing it back on the pile. I laughed!

That is all I have now. I am bummed they didn't have to battle any walkers, but I have a feeling that is going to change soon. If there were any walker around during the barn massacre, they are headed that way. It is gonna get nasty!

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