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Friday, February 03, 2012

Not like a virgin

I used to love Madonna. When she first hit the music scene I was all over her. I wanted to dress like her, but I was a "big" girl and those fashions didn't extend into the plus sizes. So I chose to adore her from afar.

No biggie.

Then she got weird. And hard core. And suddenly I didn't like her as much. I wanted to. Truly I did. I'm not sure when it all changed for me. Is it because she got so full of herself? She started to act snotty instead of talented? Not sure.

And now she is going to perform at the Super Bowl. Whoop. She is doing all of these interviews talking about how nervous she is and how her dad would be so proud of her. Puh-leeze. She has an album coming out... she wants us to buy it. And like it. Have you heard the new song? Ick. Reminds me of "oh Mickey you're so fine"... blech.

And I have also noticed she has started wearing fingerless GLOVES. WHY? She is not Michael Jackson. It is not cute. I think it is because her hands are showing their age. She can keep her arms, legs, other body parts in shape, but a woman cannot hide their age from their hands. Bless her.


What is that THING in her arm pit? Madge, you need to get that sheeot checked out!

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

She can't hide her old lady elbows either. Pointy little suckers. Wow her face looks pulled. Ouch.

I agree with you. She is too hard core. A little softnesss and curves [especially in her face] would go a long way.