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Friday, October 28, 2011


I wanted to show Bug something on the computer last night so I called her downstairs.

She took an awful long time, but I thought she was just fiddly-farting around as usual. I continued surfing the web until I heard her walk up beside me.

She was snuffling and whispering something. I looked at her and she was as white as a sheet. She was also pointing at her foot. Suddenly she yelled "there is SOMETHING IN MY TOE!!!"

Sure enough, as she was walking downstairs she had somehow stepped on a toothpick and the end of it was embedded under her big toe nail! The worst part was that it has snapped and was hanging like a 7 from her toe.

Once she got to me and realized I could "fix" it, she went into hysterics. I was able to get it out easily enough... calming her down took a little more time. Bless her heart. She hasn't experienced anything like that before. We put a couple of bandaids on it (with anti-biotic on them) and gave her some Tylenol.

Makes me hurt just thinking about it!

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