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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conversations at Pug Manor (sort of)

Leaving work yesterday I called Carl to let him know I was on my way...


Carl: Hello

Me: Hey. I'm on my way home. Be there shortly.

C: OK. Be careful and we'll see you soon. Don't forget to come in thru the garage so he can hear you.

Me: You said your garage door opener isn't working.

C: I switched yours with mine. The one in the truck is working. (my car is sick and parked until the weekend. I am driving Carl's truck for the week... yuck).

Me: OkLoveyouBye.

C: Loveyoutoo

I hung up and began contemplating the conversation. Then I called back.


Carl: Hey... what's up?

Me: Did we REALLY just have a conversation about accommodating the DOG and making him happy?

Carl: Of course! Dozer isn't used to you coming in the front door. It confuses him. You needed to open the garage door so he can come out and visit you as ususal.

Me: OMG... he is truly spoiled.

Carl: Yes... yes he is. It is all your fault.

Me: Yes... yes it is.

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

Um, sounds exactly like our house. heehee