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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proud Mama

The kids have been super busy lately. J-man is working his butt off in school (THAT is huge for him) and enjoying being in band. He has found his niche by being in band... he has some great friends, he is a leader, and he is DANG good at it!

The other night we had the Cat Fight. This is a football game in which the 8th graders of the two middle schools that feed in to our high school play a game on the high school football field. It is a BIG deal in our little town and everyone turns out. J-man had band practice prior to the game so when it was done, we let him run around with his girlfriend and other friends. At one point, he came up to me and this is what I saw...

LOL! One of his besties painted his face in school colors. I can see what he would look like with a goatee. Such a cutie!

The 8th grade band got to play in the stands during the game. That is super exciting for the kids and Bug was looking forward to it. She is struggling in one class and Carl and I debated on whether or not to let her participate. In the end, we decided it was her last Cat Fight and she could play, but when it was over she had to sit with us and not run around with her friends. Seemed fair to me. I thought she would be angry, but she totally understood. She has seen the hell her brother has put us through and she doesn't want the wrath he gets. (giggle)

She is such a sweet girl. I enjoy spending time with her, so having her sit with me during the game wasn't too bad. This picture wasn't taken during the Cat Fight... it was taken a couple of nights before.

We have struggled so long with the kids and school that I sometimes get jealous when my friends brag about their kids on FB. "Oh, so and so made honor roll", "so and so is president of this/that"... grrrr....

It would be nice to be able to brag like that. Yes, we struggle with grades. Yes, I get SO upset with them. Yes, I feel like a horrible mom and wonder what I could do different. But you know what? My kiddos are different. And we are extremely close. I am proud of anything and everything they do. They are my life and I will do whatever I can to make them feel accepted, loved, and safe.

I am proud of them!

BTW: I am hating Blogger at the moment. I HATE the spacing between paragraphs and I don't know how to make it stop. Grrr


Coffeypot said...

You don't have to be jealous of other have Bug and J-Man. They should be jealous of you and Carl. I, too, am so proud of those two. And the keep me laughing all the time.

SkippyMom said...

I don't think it is bragging as much as it is other parents being just as proud of their kids as you are of yours.

Sometimes I am shocked at what my kids do - don't get me wrong, we ask them to just do their best, but we are incredibly proud when they make the smallest or biggest achievement. High School is really a sum total of all the parts, not just what you can put up on FB.

There are going to be setbacks [believe me, we all have them], but you have great kids [look who raised them!] and you're going to have plenty to post about in the next five years. You just wait.

And band geeks ROCK!