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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have a date this weekend, and it isn't with my hubby.

Saturday night is J-man's band banquet. Because the tickets were $16 each, we couldn't really afford to pay for all four of us to go. Carl said he would stay home with Bug while J-man and I went.

So, J-man is going to put on a tie and I am going to dress up a little as well. We are going to go eat banquet-ish chicken and watch awards be handed to some awesome kids.

I can't wait.


SkippyMom said...

Sounds like a great time - but what the heck is up with the cost of the tickets. That is insane.

When we have band banquets here they are potluck with each section assigned a certain dish [i.e. main, salad, veggie, dessert] that served at least 8.

Thank goodness because that is so terribly expensive I couldn't imagine affording it either.

Have a wonderful time!

Marni said...

I'm with ya, Skip!

That is the DISCOUNT price. After a certain date - and at the door - the cost is $20 a piece. This chicken better be freakin' good! LOL

forsythia said...

We had a pug once. He was a total little doll. He had little picket-fence teeth and he "whirred" at you when begging for food. Willie, we miss you.