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Monday, May 02, 2011

Roller Coaster Weekend

My goodness this weekend was crazy! We had a wide range of emotions at Pug Manor...

  • Excitement - I went on an investigation with my paranormal group on Friday night. It was fun, interesting, and we may have caught a thing or two.

  • Pride - J-man had his band banquet on Saturday night. I know how much he loves being in the band and, after the banquet, I know how much they love him. His band director voted him "Most Improved" and during his speech he said how much he was blown away by how hard J-man worked over the year. When I went up to him after to thank him for J-man's recognition, he said it was his pleasure and he truly adores him. How sweet is that?

  • Sadness - Bug's best friend's mom passed away on Sunday from complications after surgery. Bug had been to her house several times and loved her mom. She is heartsick for her BFF and it breaks my heart to see her trying to process what has happened. Also, I cannot imagine a 12 year old little girl losing her mom... goodness gracious my heart breaks for that family.

  • Shock - Bin Laden is dead. Holy crow. It is about time!

Now is time to get the week rolling. I might have some exciting news in the next few days, so just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Later taters.


SkippyMom said...

Wow! Don't you guys look fabulous!

Congrats to J on his award. Band really is the best, glad he likes it so much.

Please give Bug a hug from us. That is so very sad.

Kimberly said...

Love the pic. Also, so sorry to hear her friend lost her mom. That really sucks (from one who lost her real mom at a very young age).