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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ice, ice baby

In order for J-man to go on the Spring trip with the band, we have to fork over quite a bit of cash. Unfortunately, he wasn't born into a very wealthy family, so we have to do some serious fund raising over the course of the year.

This past weekend Carl and I got to sell beer at the Georgia Dome. Each time we volunteer for this glorious activity, J-man gets $50 per parent into his account. It is HARD work for $100. Let me tell ya. We "rally" at the local Wally World with all the rest of the volunteers at 8 a.m. and, for this particular event, we got home around 6. Normally it is more of a 12-hour day. Blech.

So we get to the Dome and have to put on the uniform shirts. Volunteers are to come in black pants and shoes and a white (or black) tank top/tshirt. They provide a hat (which we get to keep and use again and again). Trust me. These are not beauty pageant winning uniforms. And HOT. Lawsy are they hot.

Here is the beer selling team though!

Carl and I had our own beer stand in the student section (it was for a local college's new football team). You would think with a bunch of college age kids we would want tons of the barley and hops, but nope. We sold - maybe - 70 beers the entire game. That, my friends, is what we sell in 30 minutes at any other event.

Carl kept trying to drum up some business by having ME yell at the crowd. He would wait for a bunch of folks to come strolling by and then he would tap the beer cart. I would then be required to yell,


He would laugh his fool head off. He said I sounded like a yankee selling beer at the Braves stadium. I thought I sounded dang good! LOL

All in all it was a good day. Our stand was located so all I had to do was turn around and I could see the entire field. As slow as we were, I guess you could say I watched the game without buying a ticket... but I didn't get to drink anything either.


SkippyMom said...

Good job guys! And funny. Beeee-ya a a ah! lol. Y'all are cute in your uniforms.

Becky said...

Yankee came to my mind too! I know3 he's glad to have such supportive parnets. Good job despite not selling too many!