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Friday, May 28, 2010


Halla-dayum-loo-ya... it is FRIDAY. And not only that, it is a long weekend, too!

What am I going to do with myself? I wish I could say "nothing".

It is supposed to rain, but I don't care. I plan on relaxing and listening to the thunder. I don't want to "do" anything. I am always doing something... working, talking, cajoling, petting... I want to stop for a bit.

I want to shut my eyes and breathe slowly. I want to listen to nothing. I want peace and quiet.

But it won't happen. Not with two kids, two dogs, two cats, and Carl. Nope. We'll be going to the movies, cutting grass, cleaning (a little), and more.

Dad has invited us to the lake on Monday, so we'll be driving, loading gear, packing clothes, planning lunches...

Doesn't sound very relaxing, but I am NOT complaining. At least we have things to do. And we have family to do it with. I have a job that allows me to take some time off.

Thank god it is Friday. Bring on 3:30 so I can take advantage of it all!


Skippymom said...

Sounds like a great weekend - we are [as usual] in town because of the pool biz but we always have fun - our community pool opens and we will cookout and of course the girls are "booked" with activities and friends! :D

I want to go to the lake with you! I hope the weather is good [seems like the rains are ending by then, fingers crossed]

Try and get a little you time, okay - even if you have to sit in the closet with a book & a glass of wine [they'll never find you ;)]

Hugs. Love ya!

clew said...

Have a great weekend, Marni! Give your Dad an ol' chuck in the arm from Clewy. Love y'all!