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Thursday, June 03, 2010


I hate the days that Carl is here when I work from home. If I see one more show about murder investigations, women that snap, serial killers, Sasquatch, river monsters, notorious killers, drug runners, gangs, orJerry Springer, I think I will scream.

All the blood, gore and manipulation of these things makes me insane.

I want my FoodNetwork or Animal Planet.



SkippyMom said...

With the exception of river monsters and Jerry Springer - I would pop the 'corn and pour the drinks - Carl watches my kind of TV.

You can have Pooldad. He loves FoodNetwork. heehee

[PS we don't have cable anymore and this post makes me sad. I want "Snapped" and Law and Order and Unsolved Mysteries...sigh.]

Heather said...

I completely feel your pain (although, when I'm home, I'm totally a Springer watcher). :P

Marni said...

Skip - I can take them in small doses, but ALL DAY? For days in a row??? Makes me depressed and worried that he is TAKING NOTES.


Heather - I like Jerry himself... but the show and the awful acting from his "guests" - GAG