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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queen for a day

Dad and step-mom took the kids and myself to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. I hadn't planned on going, but Dad said tough sheeot... you are going. Soooo I did.

Judy (step-mom) got a package where we could rent/wear costumes. The kids and I decided that would be a blast soooo....

Bug was a Maiden and J-man was an Archer (minus the bow and arrow - maybe he was considered an apprentice?!)

And I was some sort of Royalty. I didn't realize this until a character came up and asked me if I could help her find her parents (who she claimed was the King and Queen). When I said I didn't know (and looked at her all confused) she said something to the effect that she thought I might because I was dressed in such colorful finery. Then I realized the "peasants" were dressed in muted colors while the Royalty dressed with colors. I am so clueless... And can my chest be ANY whiter? Good grief!

After about an hour or so of sweating to death (it was int he 80's and the orange on that dress was HEAVY material), Bug and I went to change into our normal clothes. It was SO much cooler.

Then we went to watch the joust. J-man and I perched under a tree while everyone else sat in the sun. I love times like that with him. He is growing up so fast... just loving on him for a few minutes made my day.


Coffeypot said...

You have always been my Mouse Princess and J-Man is one cool dude. He keeps me laughing.

Skippymom said...

The kids are so cute! And getting so big [you need to post more often MOM! lol]

But you my dear look fabulous- white chest and all [fair skin was quite revered back in the day even in orange! hee] I love it.

The Renaissance Fair is great - the cancelled the one in VA a few years back [boo] because the land was sold and the one the hold in MD is a MADHOUSE so we don't go anymore.

Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Make sure you get to relax ;D


Becky said...

Oh, you weren't wearing a white tank top under your orange dress???