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Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am finally on vacation.

Yes, we had one over Thanksgiving, but that involved traveling over 12 hours one way.

These next two weeks we have NOTHING like that planned. We'll travel to my mom's on Christmas day and my dad's Christmas Eve, but each of those trips are around an hour each. Not a big deal.

The rest of the time will be devoted to relaxing and deflating. I need some down time. I need to be with the kids and not be worrying or stressing.

The days stretch ahead and it seems like a long time. I know it is not though. So I am going to enjoy each day as it comes.

In the mean time... have you seen this? OH MAH GAH - I cannot wait.

I swear - RDJ gets my heart racing. We are going to see him in Sherlock Holmes Christmas day. SQUEEEEEAAAALLLLL

1 comment:

Biddie said...

Enjoy your time off. You certainly deserve it :)
I love RDJ! I can't wait for the new Iron Man. He makes my heart race too!