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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Makeup and phone numbers

Bug had her first band concert last night. (sorry no pictures... batteries dead on the camera)

While getting ready to go I asked her if I could put just a teensy bit of makeup on her. She is very shy and doesn't want to be the center of attention so she said NO. I said, "But honey, you'll look so pretty. And besides, it will only be your family looking at you. Everyone else will be focused on their own kid."

She finally agreed and I put on a little eye shadow and mascara. She was lovely!

While I was putting it on, I made sure to tell her, "Well, you look so pretty I bet others WILL look at you! They'll say 'Who is that gorgeous girl sitting there playing that flute. She is HOT.'"

Then they'll think... "hmmmm wonder what her mama looks like?" And they'll start searching the crowds looking for me. When they set their eyes on me, they'll say "DAYUM. That girl looks just like her mom and they are SMOKIN' HOT*"

She laughed so hard and said "Well Granny is going to be there, too!" and I said, "Then they'll just think that we are one hot freakin' family... can you imagine? We may not make it out of the gym without a dozen phone numbers!!!"

She blushed and said "Oh mom!"

She and her brother did a great job. She looked beautiful. J-man was handsome.

But we didn't get any numbers. Bug ran out of the gym as fast as she could.

*and, no, I do not think I am hot in any way, shape or form. I just love embarrassing my kid.

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