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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speaking of growing up

My four legged babies are getting a little gray around the muzzle. The still love to snuggle and they still have their moments of puppiness, but for the most part they like to lay around snoring their fool heads off.

Grimmy is graying the fastest. Since he was a rescue, we have no idea how old he really is. Dozer is going to be 7 this year so we think Grim is around 8 or 9. This is his curious look - and prebark. This boy will bark if the wind blows in a different direction. I swear he thinks is name is "Grimmy NO"

While Grim's muzzle went gray first, Dozer's eyebrows have been the first to turn. When he looks at you straight on with his eyebrows and little gray chin he will melt your heart and make you laugh. He looks like such a little old man.

But he has the some of the stangest habits. He loves, loves, loves to lick. The couch, his foot, his pillow... doesn't matter. If he can lick it, he will. And he loves pressure on his tummy. He'll let you rub his tummy any time, any where. And whenever possible, he lays like this on the arm of the couch.
We call it Monorail Pug (thanks to ICHC). If he isn't in my lap or laying on his pillow (licking it), this is how you will find him. Cracks me UP.


Biddie said...

Lol. I LOVE the last photo! That is too cute. Ever since Heidi got her pug, I have been in love :)

Paula - PAPugMom said...

LOL......pugs surely fnd comfort in the weirdest positions.

Gray hairs are more distinguishing I think. All 3 of mine have some on their chins.

comebacknikki said...

LOL! I love the Monorail Pug photo!!

ccw said...

I love monorail pug!