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Thursday, September 10, 2009



Disney just bought Marvel Comics for something like 4 Billion dollars, right?

What will that do to Islands of Adventure in Orlando? That park is nothing but Marvel characters, but it is a part of the Universal group.

Will Disney take over IOA? Will they pay Universal to use the characters? Will they "Disney-fy" that particular park?

Will Mickey dress up like Spiderman?

I'm confused!


JugglingFreak said...

Universal has a licensing contract for exclusive use of the "comic book" version of those characters, east of the Mississippi. I think it was for 20 years (imaybe wrong about the timing). Basically, Universal has to continue paying the licensing fees to Marvel (now Disney).

On the west coast, Disney has free reign..

I have no life..

Marni said...

I KNEW you could help me out! Thanks a million, JF!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I got to go to Islands of Adventure, during their soft opening. It was great. My friend won tickets to the Rosie show, and everyone in the audience got into the park for free.

NO long lines, and lots of extra staff on hand. We got to see lots of clebrity's (Whitney Huston was a jerk and made them clear out one of the stores so she could shop with no one else around), and I even got knocked down (totally by accident on his part - and he apologized repeatedly), by one of Stephen Spielburgs body guards.

YEP - that's my most exciting story - sad isn't it?