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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Our icemaker broke the day after the warranty ran out... of course.

That was 3 YEARS ago.

Thanks to my side project, we have the extra cash to get it fixed. So I'm waiting on the repair man to call and tell me when he'll be here. When I set up the appointment they told me it will be any time between 8 and 5. OMG... EIGHT and FIVE? An entire work day? Sheesh

So I wait for that to happen.

Carl has also taken J-man back to Greenville for his two week check up. I'm waiting on the results of that appointment. They left at 7 for a 10:30 appointment... the hospital is about 2 1/2 hours away so they left early to deal with traffic. He'll get bandages changed and told what to expect for the next couple of months.

So I wait to hear from them.

Waiting is so hard for me. I like to get things DONE. I want to be in the thick of things moving forward. I don't like waiting on other people, especially those that don't really have my (or my family's) best interest at heart. I know that isn't true of the doctor -- I'm meaning that they have their own agendas and getting my son home before his 8th grade orientation doesn't really matter to them. They want to make sure he is OK... they don't worry whether or not he gets a locker. I just hate it that they are so far away and we have things to DO at home!

But I've waited 3 years to get the icemaker fixed. I've waited for doctors appointments before. I guess a few more hours won't hurt.

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