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Friday, August 07, 2009

First day

It is back to school for the kiddos today. I'll never understand why they have to start on a Friday, but what can you do?

Bug is starting 6th grade, but you would think she is a college Freshman. She is walking around with her back straight and this look on her face... I can't describe it. It is like she is the shit and no one can stop her. I love that kind of confidence.

J-man acts like he is going to the gallows. He really doesn't like school. BUT he claims this is "my year." He says his goal is to make straight A's (I'll just be happy if he passes all his classes) and he is going to think long term - as in college. He has it in him... I just hope he realizes that.

So lets get this started... lets prepare for the stress, struggles, and issues the next 180 days will bring. I think I'm ready for it...


SkippyMom said...

Wow! That is early. When do they get out of school? Ours get out mid June and return the day after Labor Day [then again, we don't have y'alls' heat]

Wishing them a great year!

Marni said...

They get out mid-May. I hate it that they start this early...

I'll pass along the good wishes.

KLee said...

Wow -- I knew it was coming, but your peeps are hittin' the books EARLY! :)

Staff don't back until the 25th here, and kids follow on the 1st of September.

Good luck to both Bug and J-man. I know your son will buckle down. He has that family-inspired determination (as in "my Mom will KILL me if I don't try harder"!) Keep on being the great parents you are, and J will make it.

Dreary Mouse said...

Hi! I saw in an older post that you collect mice, and your nickname was mouse. :) I collect mice too, and make them. One of my nicknames is Dreary Mouse ... it came from a screen name for a game and it kind of stuck because I love mice and I tend to be a lil too dreary at times. If you want to see some of the mice I make, you can look on my blog. :)

ccw said...

We don't start until the 27th. NSBH is super excited for kindergarten and Teen L is dreading the return. She's not shooting for straight A's but something like not F's and D's.