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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

She should've been a boy

Bug has no shame. She loves to run around nekkid (of course that is changing now that she's getting older), and she LOVES to pass gas.


That girl is the only person I know that can pass gas on demand. Just say "Fart, Bug" and she'll squeeze one out then and there.

It is so funny - to us anyways.

Today she and I were sitting on the recliners talking about getting her immunizations. She had to go to the health department today to get caught up on them for school. Her arms are a little sore, but she is a CHAMP.


She called her dad to her side of the recliners.

"Dad! Come here! Dad! Dad! Now! I have something to tell you!"

He walks over to her and leans down...

and she farts...


She starts laughing and leans over to me whispering "I gave birth to daddy!"

I said, "Gave birth to daddy? What does that mean?"

She grins and says "An old fart!"

All I can do sometimes is shake my head.

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