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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just received a call from our alarm company that at 7:34 they received a front door open alarm.

Carl raced home to see what was up and, low and behold, J-man had accidentally left the front door wide open.

Nothing was missing so no one got in the house, but Carl couldn't find Jasmine. We don't know if she got scared and took off to hide in the closet, or if she ran out the front door to explore. Luckily, Lily was sitting at the front door and hadn't ventured off yet.

I hope Jasmine is in the house. Carl is going to go home at lunch to search some more. I want to rush home right now and look myself.

Between getting the kids through the end of school, Carl's drama at work, money issues, Carl's mom, and now this... I need a freakin' break.


Update: Carl went home for lunch and Jasmine wasn't laying in her normal spot. He picked up her toy that has a bell on it and started jingling it.... and she came running.

YAY! My sweet girl didn't run away!!!

1 comment:

ccw said...

I hope Jasmine is found safe and hopefully in the house.