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Thursday, May 14, 2009



That is what I kept texting my friend, PT, during the LOST finale last night. It was so freakin', frackin', mind-blowing good!

My thoughts may jump around a bit... but there is so much to go over!
  • First and foremost - Jacob is hot! (even though he was the creepy ex on Dexter)
  • They have the best looking men on television - I swear!
  • Jack and Sawyer give each other a beat down... but Sawyer wins by cracking Jack in the hoo-has!
  • I didn't think he had any left to crack!
  • Vincent!
  • Rose!
  • Bernard!!!!
  • It was so good to see those three alive and well... and living in perfect peace without all the drama. Many are speculating they are Adam and Eve from season 1...
  • Juliette was pi$$ing me off the way she kept changing her mind. Although I can understand... I'd have been upset when Sawyer looked at Kate too.
  • Where did the rubber raft come from? Was it in a secret compartment on the sub?
  • Locke in a box?! When they showed (is that a word) that I thought I would scream. Who the heck was UNDER the statue with Ben?
  • Was that the real Jacob that was killed in the end? What did he mean when he said "Coming?"
  • Who the heck is Locke really? Is he the guy in black at the beginning of the episode? What was that conversation all about?
  • The Black Rock out in the ocean was so cool to see; think Richard was on that ship?
  • They said something about they "brought them here"... Huh? How?
  • Now we know how Chang/Candle lost his hand! So happy that Miles saved him... redemption of his daddy issues
  • I only wish the magnetic pull had taken Radzinsky down with everything. That dude really pi$$es me off!
  • The scene with Sawyer and Juliette broke. my. heart. I was yelling "no! no! no! no!" I didn't realize just how much I love them as a couple until then.
  • Sawyer finally loves someone unconditionally and he can't save her.
  • I loved seeing a couple of the "chosen" as kids; Kate and Sawyer.
  • Jacob touched each one in some manner; but why did he choose those specific people.
  • I'm happy that Jacob told Hurley that "maybe you aren't crazy"
  • What is in the damn guitar case? Will Hurley give it back to Charley if everything goes back to normal?
  • The Drive Shaft ring!! OMG!
  • Did Locke hint to Richard that they were going to have to kill everyone on the beach??
  • Sayid must live!
  • OMG! How about when Sayid's girlfriend got hit by the car! I thought I was going to have a heartattack! Reminds me of Juliette's husband's demise.
  • But the end took the cake... Juliette (dressed in her pretty RED shirt) finishes what Jack started. She was so brave at the end...

I may take the time to watch that episode again and again. IMO, it was the best evah!

It is going to be a loooooong wait to see the final season of Lost. What is going to happen?

  • Did the bomb work?
  • Are they all going to be on the plane heading to LA without any knowledge of what happened?
  • Will Charley, Boone, and all the other dead folks be returned to health?
  • Are the people on the beach going to suddenly disappear?
  • Will destiny bring Jack and Kate; Juliette and Sawer; Hurley and Libby all together again?

I can't wait!


Craig said...

Quickly because my mind is still mostly blown by this episode:

I don't think the bomb did what they thought it would. I'm with Miles that what they did was cause the incident. Whatever happened, happened. See also: Chang staying, but sending his wife and child, just like before. Chang loses an arm, just like before. Daniel's mother shoots him, just like she knew she would have to. All of these things were already going to happen and they happened in the events leading up to dropping the bomb down the hole. Of course, I'm almost never right about anything major, so...grain of salt, blah blah blah.

I can't stand Radzinsky either. I just take solace in the fact that we know from the season 2 finale that he takes a shotgun and turns himself into a stain on the Swan's ceiling.

SkippyMom said...

giggle...I LOVE these posts and you know I don't watch the show, I just love your recaps and enthusiasm. When I saw that last night's episode was two hours long the first thing I said to Pooldad was "Well good for Marni - finally a happy part to her day!" Then I remarked how I couldn't wait for your

Nicely done. I hope today is great for you.

Ann said...

That scene at the beginning with Jacob and that other guy reminded me of the scene with Ben and Widmore where Widmore says something about them not being able to kill each other. The "resurrected Locke" and "Christian" have to be the other guy manipulating things to have someone else kill Jacob. I think "Jacob" touched all the flight 815 people so they can come back to the island and undo things like I believe they just did with the H bomb. At least I hope they did, since alot of people died in those 3 years.
It's gonna be a long wait until next season, but it was awesome to see Rose, Bernard and Vincent again.

Esther said...

It's funny, I saw an interview with "Ben" and "Hurley" and someone asked about Rose and Bernard. I loved seeing them again.

I still think the bomb didn't reset anything - that would be too easy. But I am waiting to see what happens with this whole Jacob/fake Locke/real Locke thing.

Becky said...

Who needs to watch the show with your recaps, you do a great job!! I am ao very sorry about your mother in law, that is very tough. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Joss said...

I LOVED this ep too. Can't believe we have to wait 8 months to see more LOST. Seeing Vincent again was awesom :) And I love your observation about Juliette wearing a *red* shirt LOL. Nice little Star Trek tie-in there. The scene with her and Sawyer truly was heartbreaking.

Biddie said...

I missed about the 1st half hour or so, and it looks like I may have missed a lot!
I can't wait another how-many-months to see what happens! This will be the last season, too, so they have to wrap things up for us...I can't wait to see how.