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Friday, May 15, 2009


I didn't know who I was marrying... seriously.

Carl and I met in July. We were engaged in November. He got out of the military in April. And we got married in May. That is 10 months, folks.

The ENTIRE time he was stationed at Ft. Stewart near Savannah and I lived in Marietta; four hours from each other. We spoke on the phone every night unless he was doing his time "in the field", and we traveled to one another every other week.

It is an oddity that two people who barely knew each other would make it this long.

But we have.

We have the same quirky sense of humor. We love to laugh. We have the same thoughts on how to raise the kids. We are each other's best friend.

I love him with all my heart. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me.

We are so so so lucky.

Happy 16th, honey.


Bubs said...

Happy anniversary! We're celebrating our 23 next month.

CindyDianne said...


SkippyMom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETIE! I hope you get to do something fun & relaxing :) Enjoy!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Wishing you many many more!

comebacknikki said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Biddie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Happy Anniversary!

coffeypot said...

Sixteen years? Are you sure? Nah! Five maybe! Wait...J-Man is 13. Damn! I guess you are right!

Martha said...

Aaaawwwww! I love reading little stories like that. Just goes to show that there's no "right way" when it comes to love and relationships.

Truth-Monkey said...


GrizzBabe said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

I hope years from now I will be able to say the same things about The Boyfriend.