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Friday, March 13, 2009


After our time in the attic, the entire investigation team had gathered on the front porch to discuss what had just happened. Everyone was excited about the experience and wanted to see it for themselves. The entire group - 11 of us at this point - went to the attic. As we went upstairs, Mark got a call to pick up his 13 year old daughter, T, and her friend, B. They wanted to be a part of the investigation, too.

He left to get them and 10 of us tromped up the stairs to the attic.

We settled in and four folks set up at the table.

Andy stated that in a previous investigation (the one with the bleeding) they had been experimenting with the cup for the first time and talking to Ruth. After it slowed down he asked if she was still in the room... and from one corner they ALL (6 of them) heard someone say "I'm here."

Well... I was sitting in that corner. If chickee wanted to talk out loud I wanted to be nearby to hear it.

The cup was moving but it was next to nothing. Everyone was getting a little frustrated. Mark came in with the girls and we all settled down to try again.

As they were trying to get the cup to move I was sitting with my back and head against the wall with my eyes closed. I turned to my right and looked at the window - which had minimal light shinging thru. I saw a man sitting in the window... I could see the shape of his head and left shoulder and he was leaning forward like he was listening intently.

I thought to myself "One of the guys is sitting at the sill waiting on something to happen. Cool." Then looked straight ahead and closed my eyes again.

A second or two later I turned to look back at the window and nothing was there. I didn't hear anyone move... it was quiet except for questions being asked. And if you move you are supposed to say something about it so everyone knows it is you.

I thought "hmmm... guess he decided to get closer"

About that time it was decided that there were too many people in the room and we needed to clear out except for 4-6 folks. Flashlights clicked on for people to move and I realized every single man on the investigation was standing in front of me. Not a one was near the window.

Did I see someone? I did... but who was it?

Next: Little Ralphie - the playful, flirty, four-year old


Southern (in)Sanity said...

That's scary.

Amy said...

Your posts have been freaking me out! I try not to read them, but they are way too interesting. I'm anxious to hear about he little boy.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I just have to ask...what beverages were all of you partaking in, during this fun-filled weekend? Snicker, hee-hee, snort.

Biddie said...

I want to hear about Ralphie, too.
I am soo envious of your night!

Patty said...

Girl do you know how lucky you are to see something in that window! Most paranormal investigators wait there entire life to witness something like that. I am soooooooo jealous.
I can't wait to hear more
(please hurry, days between post is keeping me in suspense!)