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Monday, March 09, 2009

Loooong post about the investigation

Alright... let me give this a shot.

You've seen the pictures, now here is a short version of what happened. I can't give you every question or every answer, just know that the action happened from around 9 p.m. until the dramatic conclusion at 1:45 a.m. It was insane... it was crazy... and I swear to you - hand held high - that it DID happen.

Leah and I were the first group to go in the attic, and Melissa (the owner) was with us. I only use her name because she is shown in the video a few posts down. When she and her husband, Mark, arrived, our fearless leader, Andy, was excited. He said that activity picks up whenever she is around (meaning Melissa) and they had never experienced a night-time investigation before. Leah and I immediately grabbed hold of her and said "she is with US".

We headed to the attic and settled on the floor on some pillows. We were just chatting and Melissa started telling us about a pshychic that had come to the house before. She said she had seen a lady standing on the stairs, a little boy that followed Mark around, and an angry/evil presence that liked to hurt people.

Let me stop here and say that on the prior investigation, one girl was in the attic alone (!). She was doing some EMF readings and decided to switch EMF detectors. Her partner was in the other room so she called out to get the new device. When the switch happened it was discovered that blood was all over the detector of the girl in the attic. She had a paper cut on her finger but it was bleeding like crazy... dripping...

Later that same night, Andy's brother (Al) came to the investigation. They were doing the teacup talk and it stopped the minute he walked in the room. Al said, "OK... you don't like me here" and went to the control room. Where he discovered he had been CUT ON THE ARM and it was bleeding. I mean pouring blood... he thought a bug was crawling on his arm, but it was the blood streaming from the cut. Crazy no??? More on that in a bit....

So we were chatting about the psychic when Andy and his wife came in the attic. They wanted to sit with us to see what would happen with Melissa around. We started asking questions but not responses. Andy asked if we'd be opposed to the tea cup experiment. HECK NO! Let's do it.

Four of us got on each side of the "table" and placed one finger lightly on the cup. Andy said something to the effect of "use our energy to move this cup. If your answer is yes, move it to me (Andy) if no, move it to Melissa."

We started asking questions and at first nothing happened. Finally, Andy asked if there was anyone in the room that would like to talk to us. I felt the cup vibrate and said "Do you feel it moving?" Everyone said yes and suddenly that cup moved. to. Andy.

On the audio, you can hear us all gasp.

For the next 45 minutes we had conversations with the following people:

Ruth: The daughter of the owner of the house. She committed suicide in one of the rooms.

A little girl that is always seen in one of the upstairs rooms.

A train wreck victim: in the early 1900s a train came thru the town. The people of the town told the conductor not to continue on because it had been raining for DAYS and they didn't know what would happen. The conductor is quoted as saying "tomorrow, we will either be having breakfast in Atlanta or in hell!" Well, the train went off a washed out bridge and 39 people were killed. This spirit was one of those victims... it was a woman.

JD: the original owner of the house

The mean/angry spirit Melissa named Mr. Big - I'll tell you why soon.

Anyhoo... the first person that came through was Ruth. We asked her questions like do you mind us being here (no), do you like it when we come into your home and talk to you (yes), do you want Melissa to move back in the house (yes), do you want Melissa to sell the house (no). We asked her if she was stuck in the house and she "said" yes... when we asked her if there was anything we could do to help her leave she said no. She also said that most of her family was there with her...

When the cup stopped moving we asked for Ruth again, but nothing happened. We asked if there was anyone else in the room and the cup moved to yes. It was then that we had to figure out who it was. We did this each time the cup stopped... we talked to whoever was there...

but I want to tell you about Mr. Big. When the cup stopped after talking to JD, the room felt SOOO heavy. I'm telling you, it was a physical change. By this time, Andy's wife was with us at the table and Melissa was sitting next to us.

We asked if anyone was there, and the cup shot across the table to Andy (yes). It was a different feel. Before the cup would slide easily and calm. This was quick, hard, and angry. You could TELL this was going to be different.

We figured out thru questions that this was a 24 year old male that had lived in the house when it was a crack house. He didn't die there but he enjoyed himself while he was there. He hated Melissa and didn't want her to move back in. He hated the police and he was the reason the girl and Al bled... he did that to them. (Al is a police officer, btw) He liked to threaten all the other spirits and he thought he controlled the place. He also said that sometimes he "pretended" to be other spirits to play tricks on us. (This is true... we could tell whenever he was with us... the cup would move SOOOO different than at other times).

At one point, Melissa asked if she should be afraid of him... the cup moved to YES. She said "I'm not afraid of you! You don't scare me! Do you think you are bigger than me?" YES... "do you think you are bigger than anyone in this house"... YES. (hince the name Mr. Big) "Well you are NOT bigger than me... we are NOT afraid of you. You will NOT run us out of this house. You Do NOT belong here"... let me tell you something my friends... the entire night the cup had been moving in a back and forth direction. Not during this...

The cup went in CIRCLES... complete circles... angry, fast, let-me-show-you-who-is-boss circles. It went about 4 times around before I took my finger off. (I have this on video) We were all like "WOAH! I need a break".

It was C.R.A.Z.Y.

While this was happening upstairs, Mark (Melissa's husband) was downstairs having a "conversation" with Gordan. He is Ruth's brother and the person that found Ruth after her suicide. Another group was in another part of the house having some success with spirits.

Mark said to Gordon "do you know Melissa is here?" He said after he said that the conversation and feel of the room STOPPED. The other people reported that they felt a change as well.

We had asked JD and, later, Gordon if they protected Melissa from Mr. Big and they both said yes. We talked to the other groups and pieced together that when we started having the heated discussion with Mr. Big is when the changes happened in the other rooms. We think they all came rushing to the attic to protect Melissa.

There is more to tell about Ralph... the four-year old little boy that died in the house, and I saw a shadow at one point, but I'll save that for another post. This also isn't the dramatic conclusion... Mr. Big finally got to show us just how powerful he can be.

I cannot stress enough how true all this is. It happened to ME. You may not believe, but if you experienced what I did that night, you would start to. I have the video and audio to back me up. I have witnesses. No one was moving that cup (we tried and could tell a difference). I KNOW it happened.


Patty said...

I only have one thing to say about this..OH MY GOD!!

How amazing for you, and of course I am so jealous. My house tour the same night (here in my town) was a bit of a bore with the exception of one good EVP. I would have loved to have been where you were. I can't wait to read the rest of this story and hopefully see and hear some of the viedo.

Bubs said...


Your post was not overly long, by the way. I know I'd like to hear more.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Glad that you had such a fun weekend. Did Punkin and One-Eyed Jack come with you?

SassyDog said...

This has to be true, no one could make up this kind of story. not even Stephen King!! I'm gonna have to sleep with a nightlight! Waiting for more story!!

Some Guy said...

Very cool, Marni!

SkippyMom said...

I believe you Marni and yep! VERY cool!

but why is always the angry crack addict spirits that have to ruin it for the rest of the ghosts? right? [he would've scared the bejeebus out of me :/]

Southern (in)Sanity said...

That's pretty impressive.

Biddie said...

Of course I believe you! When are you posting the rest? I can't wait to hear more.

klasieprof said...


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.