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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ralphie and Mr. Big

The attic continued to be active as Leah and I went to other parts of the house. We could hear the cup sliding around on the table even while downstairs. It would get really active for a little while and then pause, or people would switch out to have their own experience.

We didn't get to witness all of it because we wanted to explore the rest of the house.

However, at one point Leah and I had just gone into the "red room". This room is painted red... which is ironic because it is in this room that Ruth committed suicide. The owners didn't know that until after they had completed the painting and did some deeper research.

Leah and I were in the red room for about 10 minutes when we heard boom, boom, boom, boom... "holy shit!" We couldn't imagine what was going on so we took off upstairs. Andy was in the control room studying the monitors. The booming was him walking as fast as he could to the control room. It seems that Ralphie had made himself known and had made the cup move without anyone touching it. Andy was asking if they could see it on the monitor. I, personally, haven't found it on the video so I just have to assume it happened.

Leah and I wanted to see what was going on in the attic so we headed that way. As we walked in, we asked who all was there... it was T, Melissa, and two other women and the cup was going INSANE. It was sliding faster than I had seen it at any point in time. It wasn't only going back and forth as in Yes and No, but kept sliding over to T.

T is the 13 year old daughter of Melissa and Mark and had lived in the house with them. B, T's friend, was in the room too and was standing at T's right shoulder.

Everyone was giggling and the room felt light. Some of the questions they asked were... (Melissa was No and Susan was Yes)

Are you 4? Yes
Are you 10? No
Do you like T? Yes
Do you like Melissa? Yes
Do you like Mark? No
Why? Because he punishes T? Yes
Is Mark T's dad? NO... (which I found out is true because he is actually T's stepdad)
Do you have muscles? Yes
Are you a flirt? Yes
Did you die in the house? Yes
Is your mom with you? Yes
Is your Uncle? Yes
Do you like him? No
Is there another mean man in the house? Yes
Are you afraid of him? Yes
Have you ever had pizza? No
Who is the prettiest girl here? The cup slid to T

and then started going round and round and round in circles. T said "Ralphie make it stop in the middle" AND IT DID. Right slap in the middle of the table!

I asked Ralph if I could turn on the light to see the cup move.... NO

They started asking in quick fire Who is Melissa?, Who is Susan?, Who is yes?, Who is no? Who is the other lady (can't remember her name)? Who is T? Where is B? And each time it would slide just as fast to the correct person. It didn't even hesitate. It was astonishing...

This went on for a good 10 minutes with us standing there. T asked if he was the person that used to shake her bed? Yes. Was it because you wanted to play? Yes. Are you a girl? NOOOO (it SHOT across the table). Are you a boy? Yes.

On and on and on

At some point people switched positions and two other investigators came in the room. They were two gentleman and they were just as fascinated as the rest of us. They asked Ralph if they could take his picture. Yes. We asked where he wanted to stand... the cup slid to T. She said "Ok, Ralph. Come stand behind me so we can get your picture." After a second or two, T said "My back is FREEZING".

We said "Let's take your picture Ralph!" Say cheese!! And they took the picture.

We asked if he saw the flash... yes. Did you smile? Yes. Were you looking at the camera? No. Where were you looking? The cup slid to T!!!! I said "Were you looking at T???" YES. Do you think T is pretty? Yes. Do you like T? Yes.

I haven't seen the pictures to see if anything was captured. I'll let you know.

After a bit, Leah and I decided to go back to the red room to investigate a little more. As we left the cup was still moving and spinning in circles, and stopping in the middle. I tell you... it was the craziest thing. That little kid was flirting up a storm with all the ladies in the house.

We headed back downstairs. My flashlight flickered then died as I got at the bottom of the stairs - directly across from the red room. I stood there in the dark and almost panicked. I shook it and it came on... only to die again. I moved past the room and it came on. We didn't have another issue with it the rest of the night.

As we went into the red room, we saw that Melissa was already in there. We were talking to her and asking some questions when we heard BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! "I wanna go HOME!"

Come to find out that was T and B running out of the attic. T was saying "he wants to hurt me. He said he wants to hurt me. This isn't fun anymore." As we pieced everything together we realized she was talking about Mr. Big. Sometime while they were with Ralphie he left and Mr. Big took over.

The cup was charging across the table. You can see it several times on the video almost tipping off the table. T's hands come up to catch it before it falls over.

On the audio you can hear her ask Mr. Big if he likes her and he says No. Do you want to hurt me? Yes. Do you want to hurt my family? Yes.

The two gentlemen are at the table with T and B. They ask a few questions. Then T says "so you think you are bad, huh?" Yes. "Well if you are so bad, make this cup fly off the table."


It flew off, hit the wall and broke. There are two huge chunks of glass missing from the cup. Andy took the cup and held it up to the camera so it could be documented.

On the video you can't see the cup actually fly off but you can see everyone's reaction. They were shocked and scared - especially the girls.

Leah and I went back in the attic with Andy, Mark and Melissa. Andy placed the broken cup back on the table with a voice recorder and they began daring it to make the cup move without any help. It didn't budge. Melissa said she was afraid a piece of glass was going to fly out and hit her, but nothing did.

That basically ended the night. We were amazed at everything that had happened. Mr. Big got to prove how bad he thinks he is, but I don't think that will deter Melissa and Mark. They love the house and don't ever want to sell it.

The whole investigation lasted until 2 am. It was exhausting and yet exciting at the same time. I'm afraid if I go on another investigation I'll be disappointed! I definitely want to go back to this house and see what else happens.

If you ever come to Atlanta and want to go on an investigation, just let me know. I'll see if I can book us one at the Henry Dickson house!!!!


SkippyMom said...

How do you sleep at night? Not out of being scared, but me? I would lie awake and be thinking about all of this freaking fascinating.

I am coming to Atlanta and we are going....promise.

Patty said...

Oh wow you have to find a way to post that video so I can see it!
Ok so now tell me, are you hooked yet, do you want to go ghost hunting? I am betting you do, once you go one time your hooked.
You really need to come to Gettysburg, I'm heading there form Memorial Day weekend

SassyDog said...

Fascinating for sure! Do tell us more!!!

Marni said...

Sorry, SassyDog... no more to tell. That was just about everything that happened.

Like i said, once AGH has the evidence posted I'll give you guys a link to it. I only hope they figure out a way to do the video.