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Friday, December 19, 2008

Conversations in our house

There is a girl up the street named Kenzie. She is the bully of the neighborhood. She is loud, obnoxious and a spoiled brat. She isn't always cruel... she just needs a lot of attention. (I think she has extremely LOW self esteem)

My kids have big hearts though and are always nice to her. They'll play at her house until she pisses them off and they come home. But they always give her another chance.

Bug and Carl tease J-man about liking her. If we are going somewhere and see her in front of her house, Carl always says "there's your girl, J-man!". To which J-man promptly pretends like he is going to puke.


The other night Carl asked J-man, "So. What's it like to kiss Kenzie?"

J-man, "I don't know. Bug? What is it like?"

Bug, "EWWWWW, J-man! I'm not a lesbian!"

My little girl... knowing the word lesbian... and what it means...


Saw this video on another blog and thought it was hilarious! I have always loved Donny Osmond and this makes it even more so. It is a side I thought I would never see!


Amy said...

It's crazy what kids pick up on!

I was so happy to find another Donny lover who found delight in his hooliganism. (Yes, hooliganism is a word, wikipedia says so, and they are always right.)

Biddie said...

OMG! That was hilarious! I love Donny Osmond, always have, but this makes me love him even more!

SassyDog said...

Kids know too much these days. I think I was in my 20's before I ever heard the L word. I worked with a few of them at the phone company.

GrizzBabe said...

That was a hilarious video, especially the last scene.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Have you seen him in Weird Al's White and Nerdy Video? My husband loves it, cause he's white and nerdy and proud of it. The funniest version is just Donny and Al in front of a "green screen".
Who say's that "us Mormons" can't have a sense of humor?

Neas Nuttiness said...

I left something for you on my blog today.