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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tired and sore

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale next week and we decided to participate. That means for the past two days Carl, the kids, and I have been cleaning out the garage, the "man room" and various nooks and crannies.

You would not believe the number of books we found. Let's just say there are no less than 6 packing boxes FULL of page turners. I have saved about 8 that I haven't read yet. I should be able to make a dollar or two off of those.

I'm pretty excited about the sale. One of my friends asked me to join her for the Florida State homecoming game in November (she is an Alum), and I am going to use the garage sale money for the trip. The thought of going out of town with a girl friend is almost more than I can bear. No hubbies, no responsibilities, no children but an abundance of college football, drinks and girl talk... OMG... bliss. I just hate that I have to wait until November!

Yeah - I know it isn't a Georgia game, but that is OK. I told her I wouldn't wear red and black that day, but I also refuse to wear garnet and gold. I think I'll wear pink... that's a neutral color in the football world.

My garage looks insane though. Yes, we cleaned it out, but all the garage sale stuff is being stored there. I can't pull my car in at. all.

The kids and I have decided we are going to go in there one night a week, grab a box or two, and price it. It will take all week to get it done. I can't believe how much JUNK we have.

I just hope there are people out there who want to buy it.

1 comment:

coffeypot said...

WHAT? All those cool 'man room' signs and gifts for the room that we gave you with love and pride are going on the sale table? You are too cruel.

It will be okay in the etiquette book to wear garnet and gold at the game. FSU is not a SEC team. You like the Bengalis in a Falcon town, so you can be a Dawg in a Knowls town. But it is okay to wear their colors, too. As long as your heart is pure Red and Black. GO DAWGS!