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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

They are losing me...

You guys know how much I love Heroes. Next to Lost, it is the one show I will not miss.

But I may stop watching it.

I just don't get it any more. I can't stand this jump forward 4 years and then back to present day crap. Peter is a now two "people" but one got killed - and he used to be the good guy but now he is the baddie.

Claire has brown hair and shooting a gun like a pro. And who's the flunky hanging with her that gets stronger around fear? What? That's not a "power"!

Her dad is president and married to one of the triplets that was created by someone for some reason and she has powers to freeze people. But that is four years from now... OH and he gets killed because his brother takes the "hunger" from Sylar. But if good/bad Peter goes back he can fix it?

And Sylar explodes a whole town, but if they "GO BACK" four years it can change?!! And he's a dad to Noah? Who's the mom?

Parkman is married to a young, hot blonde and they have a kid... plus he still has Molly? For real?

Suresh is some blob now - excuse me - in four years.

I'm about ready to give up. I'll give it one or two more shows, but if it doesn't start to make sense I may just have to stop all together. I'm so confused and I. Don't. Like. It.


Bubs said...

I hate it when shows get too clever for themselves. Your reaction reminds me of when X Files went downhill.

ccw said...

I missed the first episode but remembered to set up the DVR for recording. I haven't watched it yet but I was wondering if the leap forward would make it suck.

coffeypot said...

I told Sweet Tea the same thing. It's gone past entertainmet to an exercise in memory and questions. I may drop it, too.

Anonymous said...

so with you on this one!

KLee said...

Yeah, I was very confused with all the timeline monkeying as well.

I like the show to have twists and turns, but they didn't need to resort to the hokey time-travel crap in order to bring twists in.

I also dislike the whole "people who you thought were good, aren't." I'm hoping the next few shows even out, because I'm not really enjoying all this so far.