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Friday, October 03, 2008

More about meme

Dad sent me this meme...

I like memes... they give me something to write about!

Let's Play Four

Four Places That I Go To Over And Over:
  • work
  • my own fantasy world
  • sleep
  • Gadd's Encampment
Four People Who Email Me Regularly:

  • my boss
  • Dad
  • J-man's math teacher
  • Princess Cruise Lines - and I wish they'd stop
Four Of My Food Favorites:

  • Moes
  • sesame chicken
  • pasta
  • anything with garlic, sauteed onions and peppers

Four Things I’d Like To Do:

  • win the lottery
  • go to Europe and drive the Autobahn
  • figure out what I can do to help J-man with school
  • go back 20 years and enjoy college again
Four People I Think Will Respond:

  • no
  • one
  • because
  • I'm not tagging anyone
Four Things I Did Yesterday:

  • rode the MARTA train
  • played Guild Wars
  • watched Survivor
  • played on Facebook


klasieprof said...

this was good. I'm thinking about how many "4's" I do in a day!!

coffeypot said...

On the Pinces Cruse stuff, go to the bottom and click on the opt-out link to stop them.

Marni said...

I have... dozens of times...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I worry about those emails from PB's math teacher--AK!

I did the autobahn last summer--fun! And gorgeous scenery.

Anonymous said...

We did the autobahn last fall--- you really can't go that fast-- b/c there's ALWAYS construction every 5 miles (kms)-- but Mary's right --- the scenery is gorgeous!!! Tina