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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now THAT was good

Heroes redeemed itself last night. That episode reminded me of why I fell in love with the show in the first place.

Papa Patrelli is a bad ASS. When he sucked all the powers from Peter I almost fainted. I'm going to assume that Peter was born with his power but Sylar and Nathan were not... their's were manufactured. Vewy, vewy intewesting...

I don't know if i like Sylar as a "good guy"... I want that brooding, dark, evil dude we saw the first two seasons. I don't want him to control it.

Did they ever explain how Claire's bio-mom know marionette man? How creepy/gross was he? He reminded me of a guy I knew in highschool, but that guy was actually a pretty cool dude.

I want something - anything - to happen to Suresh. I was hoping Nathan and Tracey would escape, and I KNEW what she was up to when she took his hand!!!

I'm really liking Parkman and Speedy together. Their scenes were very sweet... I can see them as a couple.

And I am LOVING the new bad dudes... blue fire dude, speedy, fear eater... they are awesome. Too bad they are with Papa Patrelli...

oh yeah -- what was with Speedy seeing Linderman?!!! And why was Parkman's dad in the airport???

OOOOOhhhhh, it has gotten so much better!! Now I'm excited about next week.


Biddie said...

I missed it..sigh. I am losing interest, too, because it is just too much to keep up with. I feel like I need a score card.
When is Lost coming back on? Jessica and I can not wait!

Marni said...

As of today, Lost will be back in 105 days.

Anonymous said...

I think Parkman's dad makes Speedy see Linderman... !! He was at Pinehurst (or Pinecrest or whatever) too, when Speedy was talking to Linderman outside...
-CC (I'm a lurker!)

KLee said...

CC's right -- Linderman isn't really there. Remember when both Daphne and Nathan figured out that he wasn't "real", but a hologram? The dude (was that Parkman's dad?!) the was on the pay phone at the airport when Daphne and Parkman were talking makes Linderman (or whoever) appear. That's part of his ability. He can distort people's reality. He's doing it at Papa Petrelli's direction, in order to manipulate people.