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Thursday, October 16, 2008


see more puppies

I ride a bus into work every day. The only thing that gets me out of bed at 3:55 A.M. (yes, you read that right) is the knowledge that I can take a quick nap once the bus rolls out of the terminal.

I have a seatmate; his name is Aaron. He and I started sitting together a few weeks ago. It wasn't planned. It wasn't a "Hey! Sit with me!" kind of thing. We just kind of migrated to one another.

He doesn't talk; he reads a book or a newspaper. I sleep.

I always tell him "good night"... he chuckles and says it back to me.

I asked him once if I ever snored. He said no.

I'm too afraid to ask him if my breath stinks though.

I always start chewing a piece of gum the minute I wake up. He's never said anything, but my paranoia gets the best of me at times.


Beth said...

Do you catch the bus up in your neck of the woods? Dan catches a bus in Woodstock and rides it all the way in as well.

Marni said...

i catch it in Douglasville - but i've heard rumblings they are going to put a stop in/around my town

CindyDianne said...

You chew gum?

coffeypot said...

Don't worry about it. When you wake up and he is on the floor gagging, then you might have a problem.

GrizzBabe said...

That puppie picture is too cute for words!

You sound like the perfect seat mate. No incessant talking. Allows one to get some peace and quiet before the madness really begins.