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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plummeting Heroes

Last night wasn't too bad. But I fell asleep before the end.

I enjoyed Sylar. That's about it. The rest was meh.

Suresh and Maya need to GO. What a boring, stupid, silly plot line. I keep waiting for Jeff Goldblum to show up like Scorsese does in the commercials before a movie. "Wait. Wait. This is all wrong... this is how you should do it..." Eh...

One thing that confused me (maybe because I was dozing at this point) was when Hiro, Ando and Blondie (sorry can't think of his name at the moment) walked into the bar. Blondie asked for his usual and said something about having been there four months ago... or he'd be coming there for months... whatever... my question is... HUH? You've been in the GROUND for hundreds of years. How is he going to know your "usual"? How did you know about the bar? What the hell???

I keep trying. I love the show soooo much and know it has potential, but this season - so far - sucks.


KLee said...

Something that might help a bit -- "Blondie" is Adam Monroe, who was also known as Kensei. Hiro knew him as Kensei, and left him in feudal Japan. When Hiro returned to the future, he discovered that one of the "reclusive" members of the Company was "Adam Monroe", and Adam Monroe was none other than Kensei. When Hiro found out that Kensei/Adam killed his father, *that's* when he buried him in a coffin underground. So, it's possible that Adam/Kensei could have been visiting that bar a few months before, because he hadn't been underground all that long. Probably about right for the Heroes timeline.

Confusing? Yup.

I concur about Suresh and Maya. Not to mention that I DO NOT like Suresh as a bad guy.

Melinda June said...

I must admit, I gave up on it. I thought season two was a letdown, and the first episode this year bored me. Which is sad, because the first season was amazing and I used to love this show. I like that you do updates, because I can keep track, just in case I decide to go back.