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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Conversations in my house

While Carl was home for dinner last night, J-man sat at the table to talk to him while he ate. I was attempting to navigate the mess that is in our living room floor (it's not that bad I promise) and I told J-man that he needed to pick up his skis.

He asked what that meant and Carl said, "You've got big feet, dude! Your shoes look like skis"...

and the conversation then went downhill...

C: You know what they say about big feet?

J: No what?

C: Means you have a big... you know.

J: Cool!!!

Me: That isn't true!!! That is an old wives tale. I have been told a theory that seems to work better. You look at a guy's fingers! If they are long and skinny then.... you know. If they are short and stubby, then... mmm hmmm.

J: Well, I've got long fingers...

C: Yeah, man! Your fingers are longer than mine!

J: (begins to chant) I've got a bigger penis!! I've got a bigger penis!!

OMG!!!! I have not laughed that hard in FOREVER.

Yes... we have these kinds of conversations all. the. time.



CindyDianne said...

That conversation never happened in my house. I wonder why? ;-)

Burfica said...

Yeah then there are the guys with massive long fingers and wear size 15 ring. hehehehe

I'm a lucky girl.

ccw said...


This is so NOT a conversation a group of women would have but then we don't feel the need to compare vaginas.

coffeypot said...

Call him 'Tripod.'

lulu said...

Big feet=Big shoes