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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Double digits

My baby girl turns 10 today. Where has the time gone? When did she grow up?

And when did I become the mom of a tween and an almost teenager (in less than three weeks)?!!! Lord, please slow time down.

Happy birthday, Bug. I hope your day is as special and wonderful as YOU are. I love you.


Biddie said...

Happy Birthday, Bug!
Hope it's great!!!

Burfica said...

Happy Birthday Bug!!!!!!

I almost died when kiddo turned 12 this year, I'm not ready for teenager.

KLee said...

Happy Birthday, Bug! Double digits and everything!

Yeah, I'm not ready for Offspring to be a teenager. Of course, if she keeps acting the way she has been, she may not REACH 13.

Beth said...

HAPPY 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CindyDianne said...


Happy Birthday Bug!

ccw said...

Happy Birthday!!

GrizzBabe said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one.

Valerie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

little wanderer said...

Happy Belated 10th Birthday bug x
hope you had a great birthday x

Bubs said...

Happy birthday!

And just wait until they hit 18 or 19. THEN you'll feel stunned, but in a good way!

Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the beauty. Hope she had a great day.