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Sunday, July 06, 2008


J-man has beautiful hair (when he takes care of it)... he had grown it out to what he deemed a "skater boy" look. It was such a good look for him...

Until yesterday.

When I was outvoted and Carl cut shaved it. I didn't want them to, but it looks so much better. AND I don't have to hear J-man fuss and scream at me when I try to brush out the tangles.

He also looks like a boy again...

I loooooved his long hair... look at it all around his shoulders. I am heartsick that it has been cut, but it will grow back out after he can get out of bed to take care of it. That is one less thing we have to worry about.


Lisa said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. WJ wanted to grow out his hair to look like Aniken. But he goes to a private school where that sort of hair style is frowned upon. So, I made him a deal. Let me keep the sides and front short until the middle of May, then you can grow it however you want for the summer.

I'm gonna hate to see his locks go come September.

Burfica said...

well that's not bad, not shaved really. I shave my sons, and I mean like no hair, not razor smooth, but there is nothing there. Military shave. lol

Biddie said...

Oh, I had to hold Kayla down to get her knots out. LOL. I am so glad that those days are over.
Oh, she still gets knots, but she takes care of it on her own now.
I don't mind the new short do. Looks good.

Jim Latchford said...

What a GREAT face! He's got that All American boy, devil-may-care look that a Mother can't help but love to pieces and Norman Rockwell searched high and low to paint!

Valerie said...

He looks cute either way! Did you save any of that hair?