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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Last weekend we went to the Georgia Renasisance Festival. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. Here are some pictures... YES, I uploaded pictures!!! WOOT!!!

Here are King Henry VIII, Anne Bolyen and their court.

And an Ogre... sorry, but I think he is WAAAAY cuter than Shrek.

Remember the dude with the pet log? Here he is with J-man and Bug.

Carl got kissed by a kissing wench. She called this a "smiley" because when he lifted his eyebrows it looks like it is smiling. See?

And J-man got a kiss, too.

Think he enjoyed it?

Where else will you see jousting?

And pirates?

J-man and Bug both got painted...

And I got my arm done.

Both kids made wax copies of their hands... yes, that is Coffeypot watching every move they made. And if you look real close you will see horns on the kids' heads... they ARE little devils. I've been trying to tell people that for ages.

If there are horses around, Bug is going to try and get to them. This big beauty was in the petting zoo and it was killing Bug that it wouldn't acknowledge her.

So she got Coffeypot to help her climb on a fence to look over the stall wall. I think the horse was surprised to see her because he lifted his head and she got to pet it. (You can see J-man's horns really well in this one!)

I have more pictures, but I've bored you enough. We had a great time...


Lisa said...

What a fun day! Thanks for sharing!!

Burfica said...

no no that wasn't boring, I want more pictures!!!!!

Valerie said...

I've never gone to a Ren fair...but maybe I should take the kids this summer.

Have you heard what Margaret Cho said? She said Ren Fair performers are also Star Trek fans and also S&M freaks. Whaddya think?

Marni said...

Valerie: you betcha... there are some freaks out there big time... so much fun to people watch

SkippyMom said...

These pictures are GREAT! The kids are so cute [loved the kiss & tattoo pics] and Coffey - just as I pictured him...thanks for sharing

Have fun in Cali!

Amy said...

GREAT pics! I haven't been to the ren fair in ages. I need to get out there if it comes around here...

Bubs said...
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Bubs said...

Looks like a fun day!

My youngest daughter wants to get a job at the Ren Faire next summer. I have my reservations, as you'll see.

Valerie, you're absolutely right about the freak factor. Ren Faires are hotbeds of drug use and sexual depravity. A few years ago in the town next to mine, the police found a naked young woman running up to the back door of the PD with a leather restraint around one ankle. Turns out she'd met a guy at the ren faire and agreed to go home with him to play (she thought) master and slave. He ended up raping her repeatedly and imprisoning her in his house for a few days. WHen the cops raided his house they found photographic evidence that he'd done this a number of times, often with girls in their mid-late teens.

Still, visiting there is a fun time for the whole family, so go figure.