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Friday, April 25, 2008

But I still got to watch

Hey all!

I'm in Columbia, SC waiting to head to the airport to come home. It has been a very productive trip, but I'm ready to sleep in my own bed.

And head to LA on Monday.

I did get to watch Lost last night. I made sure I was back in the hotel and hopped up on coffee. So here are my thoughts... Spoilers ahead.
  • What a brutal murder! I was completely shocked that it happened -- but not nearly as much as Ben.
  • Guess we know how and why Ben and Sayid are working together...
  • Does the timeline work? Sayid searched for his wife for 8 years... it was 2005 when the funeral happened...
  • How did they meet again? How did she die? I know she was murdered, but how...
  • I think Desmond may have something to say about Ben killing Penny. But with Dez still on the island...where does that put Penny?
  • How cute was big ol' Hurley holding sweet little Aaron?
  • And I was shocked at how protective Sawyer was of Hurley! Guess the big, tough guy has a soft heart after all.
  • Smokey is BACK! And what a bad ass!!!
  • Where did Ben go to release him? He went into the secret room within the secret room and came back all dirty.
  • Could he have Smokey penned someplace? But how? It is SMOKE!!!
  • Loved, loved, loved the look on Sawyer's face when Ben grabbed the gun from the piano bench. I laughed out loud...
  • But of course I love, love, love Sawyer's face anytime...
  • So Jack's appendix bursts next week... we know he doesn't die, but what is going to happen? Will Juliette take over as leader? Will she operate on him?
  • How much do you LOVE Bernard for knowing morse code. I wanted to yell "Gotcha!!!"
Alright... that's all I've got for now. I have the local news on the tv and the weather guy is doing the Chicken Dance.... I kid you not.

I need to go home. Now.


Craig said...

Was it just me or did Ben (lying in the middle of the desert, confused and wearing a parka) not look like he had arrived in Tunisia by getting in Desmond's boat, following a heading and then chartering a plane. He's clearly still lying to everyone.

I think the time is right for Sayid's search. Remember he was looking for Nadia for years during his flashbacks. I imagine the story of how they met up, married and she died will be told eventually.

I loved seeing smokey again and finding out that Ben could release him. However, I'm still totally lost (no pun intended) as to how it's possible.

Have fun with the rest of your trip.

Biddie said...

Ok,I watched but I was in the kitchen most of the time and missed a bunch of what happened.
I was SO shocked by the murder of Bens daughter. Not that it happened, but that it was so brutal and the guy was kinda like 'whatever' at the thought of killing a teenage (innocent) girl.
I kind of thought that Bens whole 'she's not my daughter' thing would back fire.
Man, I must have had my mouth hanging open when she died.
I feel bad for Penny now. She is innocent, too, and Desmond is soo in love with her.
I heard that Matthew Fox was taking time off of the serious for awhile. Maybe it is just a rumor, or maybe it will work its way into the storyline...
I love Sawyers face, too :)

Christine said...

Ok...the only thing I understood in this post was chicken dance.

I think I need a better grasp of pop culture...or attend less weddings...either one.

Esther said...

I was wondering about smokey too, and also about the Sayid timeline. Lost started in 2004 so he would have been off the island with enough time to marry her.

I thought that was it for Claire and Hurley would take care of him until getting Aaron to Kate.

Valerie said...

I think Ben can time travel...that's why he ended up in Tunisia wearing a parka and then he had to confirm that it was 2005 with the lady at the hotel.